Discount Photo Frames

What kind of digital photo frame is best. I wnat to get one for my mom for mothers day but I really want ti to be a good one. So which brand is best? That is under 100 dollars. . And where can I get it. From what I can tell… Generally, most digital photo frames will work well . . But, the better, more known brands cost more money (relative to their features, of course). You should be fine with any digital photo frame, so go to your local electronics store and you should find something suitable for less than 100 dollars. My one suggestion is to find a digital photo frame that supports memory cards. Units which support memory cards are a lot easier to use – you can even take the memory card right out of the camera and stick it into the digital photo frame to view photos instantly. Frames which do not support memory cards require using your computer to load pictures, which is a bit more time consuming. Also, these frames generally have far less memory available than the average memory card, meaning they won’t hold as many pictures as possible. Memory cards themselves are cheap, so you could always get an additional memory card for your digital photo player, and if you shop around, both the frame and the memory card would still cost less than 100 dollars. The link below lists several digital photo frames available from Circuit City; many should be suitable for you, so feel free to have a look at them. I hope this helps.

Frame Stores

Pls. Give me any examples of a frame tale. Do you know what I found? A frame story (also frame tale, frame narrative, etc) is a narrative technique whereby a main story is composed, at least in part, for the purpose of organizing a set of shorter stories, each of which is a story within a story. This literary device often acts as a convenient conceit for the organization of a set of smaller narratives which are either of the devising of the author, or taken from a previous stock of popular tales slightly altered by the author for the purpose of the longer narrative. Sometimes a story within the main narrative can be used to sum up or encapsulate any aspect of the framing story, in which case it is referred to in literary criticism by the French term mise en abyme. An early example of the frame story is The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, in which the character Shahrazad narrates a set of fairy tales to the King Shahriyar over many nights. Many of Shahrazad’s tales are also frame stories, such as Tale of Sindbad the Seaman and Sindbad the Landsman is a collection of adventures related by Sindbad the Seaman to Sindbad the Landsman. An extensive use of this device is Ovid’s Metamorphoses where the stories nest several deep, to allow the inclusion of many different tales in one work. Frame stories are often organized as a gathering of people in one place for the exchange of stories. Each character tells his or her tale, and the frame tale progresses in that manner. Famous frame stories in this mode are Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, about a group of pilgrims who tell stories on their journey to Canterbury, and Boccaccio’s Decameron. Sometimes only one storyteller exists, and in this case there might be different levels of distance between the reader and author. In this mode, the frame tale can sometimes become more fuzzy. In the case of Washington Irving’s Sketch Book which contains “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle” among others, the conceit is that the author of the book is not Irving, but a certain gentleman named Crayon. Here the frame includes both the world of the imagined Crayon, his stories and the possible reader who is assumed to play along and “know” who Crayon is. As with all literary conceits, the frame tale has many variations, any clearly within the confines of the conceit, any on the border, and any pushing the boundaries of understanding. The main goal of a frame tale is as a conceit which can adequately collect otherwise disparate tales. It has been mostly replaced, in modern literature, by the short story collection or anthology absent any authorial conceit. To be a frame narrative, the story must act primarily as an occasion for the telling of other stories. If the framing narrative has primary or equal interest, then it is not usually a frame narrative. For example, Odysseus narrates most of the Odyssey to Nausicaa, but, even though this recollection forms a great part of the poem, the events after and before the interpolated recollection are of greater interest than the memory.

Framing Canvas Paintings

I have been painting for many several years know, and I have a lot work that I am quite happy with. . I’m getting ready to move out on my own. . Into my own house and I would like to utilize my artwork in my house, I have a lot of paintings, collages, etc on canvas and I would like for the canvas to be framed before I hang them up in my new home. . I was wondering how I should go about getting the canvas framed. . Is it easy enought that I could do it myself? Or Should I just have it professionally done at an arts and craft store? Thanks. Do you know what I found? There is a LOT of PRE MADE frames you can purchase. You may wish to frame a few your self. It is easy. Just like hanging a picture. As for MOUNTING the canvas to the frame you will REALLY need to be careful. The frames are mostly not made with wood. They have little pieces of metal named “Clip It” There are ALSO canvas hangars if you’ve painted the edges. They are made to just slide on and hang. As I said. The PRE MADE frames are NOT made with wood for the most part. There is ALSO framing tool with BRADS As for making your own. ALL you need is a MITER BOX (Not a table saw, Table saws are for RIPPING. ) I don’t suggest using a table saw for cross cut unless you’re experienced at it. More people lose fingers on that saw than any others. If you’re in the DALLAS Area I suggest you contact MR J’s of Richardson. They do GREAT work and not bad on the price. A REAL framer will give you a DISCOUNT on your frames and the mounting.

Unique Picture Frames

I have a 3 yr old daughter and a 10mo son, and needless to say, I have no pictures of my son up. Since I had almost 3 years of just my daughter, our walls are covered with framed pictures of her. I plan to sit down and pick out some pictures of my son, some of him and his sister, and some family portraits to frame and hang up over the weekend. One problem, though. We are going to have to take some of the pictures already up down to make room for newer pics. So, I can’t decide if I should take them down and hang them in her room (although she doesn’t have a lot of space for them either) or just take the actual pictures out of the frames, and put new pictures in the frames to be re-hung. My husband thinks this is a great idea (saves money on having to buy new frames, plus our daughter’s bedroom walls would be covered in pictures if we never replaced the pics). I’m not going to just throw away the pictures, of course, but would just stick them in photo albums or picture boxes. But, I almost feel bad about it for some reason. What would you do? Replace the pictures in the frames, or buy new frames for new pictures? Thanks, I love the idea of just putting new pictures in front of the old. I don’t feel bad in the sense that my daughter will feel bad (she could care less. . Lol) It’s just hard to cover up pictures I’ve had on the walls for over a year, in some cases. . And so today I found out that… I replace the pictures in my frames quite often, actually. I’m addicted to Walgreens. Com and ordering prints of all the many pictures I have lol. . When I put a new picture in, I put the old one behind it and leave it in the frame. . I have some frames with 7 or 8 pictures in them. . It’s fun to go back all once in a while and look at all the different pictures I’ve had in that frame. I do have certain frames that will never be changed though. . Probably about 5 of those in my house. . Certain ones of Mason in the hospital when he was born and things like that I’ll never replace. You could put the old ones in photo albums too.

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Framed Artwork

I have some beautiful framed artwork that I want to put on my patio. But its made for inside. Its a covered patio, so it will not be getting down poured on or anything, but still. Is there some type of spray or sealant I can get to protect it. Do you know what I found? You don’t say how it is framed, which makes a big difference. You could try to varnish the existing frame, but it’s probably not really suited to being outside. I suggest you have a water-proof shallow glass-fronted cabinet made and hang your framed artwork inside that. Something similar to the notice board cases that churches and community centres use would suit. That way, you can always move the artwork back indoors if you change your mind.

Picture Framers

I have a picture/painting on wood. The piece of wood is 8′ hi & 4′ wide. What should it cost to have the piece mounted on a plywood frame? The plywood frame will be custom built. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Your best bet – of this picture is important to you and you plan to preserve it properly – is to take it to a professional framer and have it mounted in a museum quality way that is none permanent and will protect it for generations to come. It can and will cost anywhere between 40 to 120 depending on your choices and if you can catch a sale. The best way to keep the cost down would be to pick a metal frame, regular glass ( though non-glare glass would be better and museum quality glass would be best), a piece of foam core on the back and wire for it to hang. Good luck.


I’m going to give a charcoal portrait of a friend to her, on her B. Day. . Should I put it on a frame? What kind of frame would suit a black and white drawing?? What colour should it be. . ? Than you 4 ur attention. Well, I have your answer right here. Framed is good. Otherwise her nice charcoal portrait will get smudged and wrinkled. Matted is also good. This keeps the glass and the paper separated. It also gives space around the image, which is more restful to the eye. If you use a mat, you can also use any frame color or style you like. Anything from black or silver metal sectional frames (an inexpensive option) all the way to gold leaf. I pick up inexpensive frames in the picture section at Good Will all the time. I discard the art and reuse the frame. It’s nice to find a larger frame with glass in it. I have repainted, refinished, or releafed dozens of frames myself, and the people I give them to would never know the difference. I have boxes and boxes of frames. I always say, if you’ve got a frame, you’ve got a gift.