Steel Picture Frames

I have two steel horseshoes from my pony, I want to clean them, what chemicals are good for cleaning them. I continuously scrub them and they still smell like manure, I want to turn them into picture frames to the smell needs to go. Essentially — Break out the white vinegar and fine steel wool. Soak for a day or two , then scrub with steel wool. I did this and an old , nasty looking pair of cavalry spurs I got at an auction. Once clean, I found they were solid nickle and had markings proving they were 1911 issue officer’s spurs from WWI .

Custom Frame Mat

The frame is 11 x17. My photo is 8 by 11. 25 which looked nice in dead center. However, I need a matting. What is the best / cheapest way to customize the mat for this project ? I actually have no idea how much say any frame shop did it for me. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. The problem you are describing is that the frame does not conform to a standard matte size. The usual size for an 8×10 or 8. 5 x 11 picture is an 11×14 matte occasionally a 16×20 matte will be used. Standard matte sizes fit the OPENING of the frame so if the frame has an 11×17 opening try to find a pre-cut matte with a 16×20 dimension and 8×11 picture opening and use a razor knife or matte trimmer to remove excess material from the edges of the matte board. The big problem will be finding any mattes larger than 11×14 with picture openings that are 8×11. You can probably go to an art supply store that sells mattes and get one cut to size for less than $20 + the cost of the board. Be sure to get a board made out of material that is acid free, photo safe quality. Also get a backing board of photo safe material and tape or mounting hinges/photo corners to attach the photo to the backing board. HTH. Email me if you need more help

Custom Wood Frame

I just got home from pricing any custom framing I want done on any artwork I purchased on a cruise. I’m not made out of money, but apparently the framing department at Michael’s things I am. They want $240 (after the 40% discount) to frame one piece that is 19X28 with single matting. Does anyone know of a place where I can get this done for $100 or less? Or just how hard it would be to do it myself? I don’t see how cutting wood and paper could cost so much. I don’t even want the special glass. I was happy to learn… Custom framing is expensive, and 19×28 is pretty big. I doubt anyone would do it for less than $100. They are doing more than cutting wood and paper. Artwork has to be properly mounted, the frame has to be mitre cut and fitted properly, the glass has to be cut to fit and the backing is also an issue. Try Walmart or similar to see what they have in that size; they sell mats too.

Picture Framing

I am a teen girl and I recently received a picture of Bon Jovi for Christmas. . I’d like to frame it, and I was looking for a few cool ideas for frames. Any suggestions? heres an example on what I’m tlaking about: Like maybe get a frame that’s a little bigger and center the picture, and put stuff around it. hopefully you know what I’m talking about. It’s an 8 x 10 picture, and I know there are many cool ideas for picture frames. . Just curious. Also, I am not going to make the frame, but buy one and maybe decorate it. P. S. No rude comments, please. Basically… Your picture is only 8 x10. There are a boat load of fames available at Wal-Mart, Joann’s Michaels, etc. You can ever purchase a boxed frame that lets you add any solid objects. Good Luck.

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Large Photo Frames

What kind of digital photo frame is best. I wnat to get one for my mom for mothers day but I really want ti to be a good one. So which brand is best? That is under 100 dollars. . And where can I get it. What I found out was – Generally, most digital photo frames will work well . . But, the better, more known brands cost more money (relative to their features, of course). You should be fine with any digital photo frame, so go to your local electronics store and you should find something suitable for less than 100 dollars. My one suggestion is to find a digital photo frame that supports memory cards. Units which support memory cards are a lot easier to use – you can even take the memory card right out of the camera and stick it into the digital photo frame to view photos instantly. Frames which do not support memory cards require using your computer to load pictures, which is a bit more time consuming. Also, these frames often have far less memory available than the average memory card, meaning they won’t hold as many pictures as possible. Memory cards themselves are cheap, so you could always get an additional memory card for your digital photo player, and if you shop around, both the frame and the memory card would still cost less than 100 dollars. The link below lists several digital photo frames available from Circuit City; many should be suitable for you, so feel free to have a look at them. I hope this helps.

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Bamboo Picture Frames

I’m trying to get opinions from people for things of which they think bamboo would make a good substitute in place of wood. FYI: Bamboo is actually a grass and grows right back up through where it was cut so therefor it doesn’t need to be replanted and it grows back completely in 3 years. Using bamboo helps replace wood that might otherwise be coming from our precious Rain Forests. Products already known and being made include: cutting boards, plywood, veneer, counter tops, picture frames, stair parts, flooring, paneling and moulding. I need ideas of things practical and fairly easy to produce. I, myself, can recall from time to time throughout my daily life of times where I’ve thought, “wouldn’t it be great if they made this or that or what if this could be made with something more environmentally-friendly?” Bamboo is extremely strong. Stronger than a lot of wood types. So I’m asking if anybody here has had those same thoughts and has any ideas for bamboo. Thank You. . I was so glad to find this — oh man. I love working with bamboo. It’s stronger than aluminum and weighs slightly less. I’ve made furniture (no brainer) jewelry (cut the stalks into small sections that I can make into rings) cups (get thicker bamboo and cut it and treat it) shot glasses silverware lampposts fountain pens bookshelves . . I mean really the list goes on forever

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Custom Art Framing

And so today I went to michaels to get a custom frame put on a large print of a contemporary painting. The painting is a 60. 5″ X 32 ” size. I chose their “better” category frame and the lady whoever rang me up quoted me a price of $495. Isn’t this waayyyy too expensive?.?.? The sad part is that my print cost me not even a quarter of this price for framing. Is this okay or are these guys ripping me off real bad. Of course I’m a bit alien to the art collection/ framing world. And thus my jaw dropped when I was quoted this insane price. Please help and tell me if this is a standard rate for such a size or am I bring ripped off. What I found out was – Nope, custom framing is expensive. Especially if you have chosen multiple or specialty matting. Glass also adds to the expense. My sister sent me a signed/numbered pointelle painting from Africa of a Rhinoceros. It is an 8×10. It cost $150 to frame. I, too; almost fell over when I ordered, but because the piece is more valuable, I went with it. A good chunk of that cost included glass that blocked UV rays and was anti glare. And that was over 15 years ago. The piece you are framing is quite large. You have to take that into consideration. It also takes time and labor to put that frame together and cut the matts properly and the glass if you are using it. You might try an actual framing shop. They may or may not be cheaper

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