Unique Picture Frames

I have a 3 yr old daughter and a 10mo son, and needless to say, I have no pictures of my son up. Since I had almost 3 years of just my daughter, our walls are covered with framed pictures of her. I plan to sit down and pick out some pictures of my son, some of him and his sister, and some family portraits to frame and hang up over the weekend. One problem, though. We are going to have to take some of the pictures already up down to make room for newer pics. So, I can’t decide if I should take them down and hang them in her room (although she doesn’t have a lot of space for them either) or just take the actual pictures out of the frames, and put new pictures in the frames to be re-hung. My husband thinks this is a great idea (saves money on having to buy new frames, plus our daughter’s bedroom walls would be covered in pictures if we never replaced the pics). I’m not going to just throw away the pictures, of course, but would just stick them in photo albums or picture boxes. But, I almost feel bad about it for some reason. What would you do? Replace the pictures in the frames, or buy new frames for new pictures? Thanks, I love the idea of just putting new pictures in front of the old. I don’t feel bad in the sense that my daughter will feel bad (she could care less. . Lol) It’s just hard to cover up pictures I’ve had on the walls for over a year, in some cases. . And so today I found out that… I replace the pictures in my frames quite often, actually. I’m addicted to Walgreens. Com and ordering prints of all the many pictures I have lol. . When I put a new picture in, I put the old one behind it and leave it in the frame. . I have some frames with 7 or 8 pictures in them. . It’s fun to go back all once in a while and look at all the different pictures I’ve had in that frame. I do have certain frames that will never be changed though. . Probably about 5 of those in my house. . Certain ones of Mason in the hospital when he was born and things like that I’ll never replace. You could put the old ones in photo albums too.

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