Seattle Custom Framing

I mistakenly bought a male seattle seahawks custom jersey for my girlfriend and put her name FRANCESCA on the back. I can’t return the jersey because it was custom made and I don’t see very high resale oppurtunities since it is a medium sized male jersey (far too big for most women, including my gf, to wear. . Except as pajamas) with a female name on the back. I must have shouldn’t be allowed to shop for christmas gifts after 2 am. Does anybody have any ideas about how to fix this problem? Is there a company that will recustomize custom jerseys? The jersey fits me – so if I can customize it for myself and get her a new one — its not a total loss. Otherwise I just burned a hundred and change in currency. I already thought about framing the jersey and giving it to her that way – but shes not a giant football fan and that would be lost on her. Somehow I managed to screw this up – and pay extra for shipping to make sure it got here before christmas-geez.-anyone out there able to save me. From what I can tell… If she isn’t a Football fan, then why did you decide to buy her this to begin with? Also, what good would recustomizing it be? I think you’re probably going to have to eat the cost on this one. I assume you are a Seahawks fan. framing it for your den might be a good idea. otherwise it doesn’t hurt to list it on Craigs List. It’s a free ad site and hey, you never know, there might be someone named Francesca who would like to buy it. Best Wishes.