Framing Canvas Paintings

I have been painting for many several years know, and I have a lot work that I am quite happy with. . I’m getting ready to move out on my own. . Into my own house and I would like to utilize my artwork in my house, I have a lot of paintings, collages, etc on canvas and I would like for the canvas to be framed before I hang them up in my new home. . I was wondering how I should go about getting the canvas framed. . Is it easy enought that I could do it myself? Or Should I just have it professionally done at an arts and craft store? Thanks. Do you know what I found? There is a LOT of PRE MADE frames you can purchase. You may wish to frame a few your self. It is easy. Just like hanging a picture. As for MOUNTING the canvas to the frame you will REALLY need to be careful. The frames are mostly not made with wood. They have little pieces of metal named “Clip It” There are ALSO canvas hangars if you’ve painted the edges. They are made to just slide on and hang. As I said. The PRE MADE frames are NOT made with wood for the most part. There is ALSO framing tool with BRADS As for making your own. ALL you need is a MITER BOX (Not a table saw, Table saws are for RIPPING. ) I don’t suggest using a table saw for cross cut unless you’re experienced at it. More people lose fingers on that saw than any others. If you’re in the DALLAS Area I suggest you contact MR J’s of Richardson. They do GREAT work and not bad on the price. A REAL framer will give you a DISCOUNT on your frames and the mounting.