Custom Wood Frame

I just got home from pricing any custom framing I want done on any artwork I purchased on a cruise. I’m not made out of money, but apparently the framing department at Michael’s things I am. They want $240 (after the 40% discount) to frame one piece that is 19X28 with single matting. Does anyone know of a place where I can get this done for $100 or less? Or just how hard it would be to do it myself? I don’t see how cutting wood and paper could cost so much. I don’t even want the special glass. I was happy to learn… Custom framing is expensive, and 19×28 is pretty big. I doubt anyone would do it for less than $100. They are doing more than cutting wood and paper. Artwork has to be properly mounted, the frame has to be mitre cut and fitted properly, the glass has to be cut to fit and the backing is also an issue. Try Walmart or similar to see what they have in that size; they sell mats too.