Custom Metal Picture Frames

I found some cute wall decorations that are metal and have words like “faith” “love” “hope” and “dream” on them. I bought all four and want to put them on my wall with pictures around them. I need to find SQUARE frames that coordinate- either dark colored metal or a dark colored wood. But not too plain of wood. Anyway, I have not found any. The squares are each 7 inches by 7 inches, so a similar size would be cute. My friend suggested the “make your own” kits at michaels, where you by the sides individually, but they look pretty plain. What about custom framing? Could that work? How does that work, and how much does it cost? Also, I dont know if I care whether there is glass in it. . I have some other pictures without glass. From what I can tell… There is a company called Grafik Dimensions that sells metal and wood frames in kits. You can buy a pair of sides in just about any color metal and length. Also they have many of the wood frames available in custom sizes or in pairs. Very good prices. Never been disappointed. See them on the web. Easy to assemble.