Custom Frame Mat

The frame is 11 x17. My photo is 8 by 11. 25 which looked nice in dead center. However, I need a matting. What is the best / cheapest way to customize the mat for this project ? I actually have no idea how much say any frame shop did it for me. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. The problem you are describing is that the frame does not conform to a standard matte size. The usual size for an 8×10 or 8. 5 x 11 picture is an 11×14 matte occasionally a 16×20 matte will be used. Standard matte sizes fit the OPENING of the frame so if the frame has an 11×17 opening try to find a pre-cut matte with a 16×20 dimension and 8×11 picture opening and use a razor knife or matte trimmer to remove excess material from the edges of the matte board. The big problem will be finding any mattes larger than 11×14 with picture openings that are 8×11. You can probably go to an art supply store that sells mattes and get one cut to size for less than $20 + the cost of the board. Be sure to get a board made out of material that is acid free, photo safe quality. Also get a backing board of photo safe material and tape or mounting hinges/photo corners to attach the photo to the backing board. HTH. Email me if you need more help