Craft Stores

Other than Craft Sales. After looking around, I learned — Try these links : – Excite UK – Shopping – Crafts – Directories Directory of homemade and handmade arts and crafts plus handcrafted . . Online arts and crafts mall featuring handmade crafts, online parties, and contests. . . – Cached Home Made » @ Farmer’s Market Online Choose and develop your own line of unique homemade products th at will . . many ways to make money with crafts besides actually making and selling items. . . Make Review – Web-User – The UK’s best-selling internet magazine . . The new site lets craft enthusiasts find products and suppliers and network . . Add this site to your online bookmark site: Add to . . Home made crafts are part of Folk Art – so perhaps you should mix it with some of the folk : – Primitive Folk Art Crafts Directory Crafts Directory of Primitive Folk Art or use the key-word search to find out all you need to know about Primitive Folk Art from this huge directory of UK . .