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Are Custom Framing Costs Worth The Investment?

custom framing costsDon’t feel bad when you first check into having something custom framed, that you are shocked by just how much it can cost you. You are not alone in this situation. What you need to ask yourself, is “do I really want to put this in a cheap Wal-Mart frame, or do I want to truly get the most out of the display?”

Best Way To Cut Down Your Costs

Ya see, about 90% of the total cost of having something custom framed for you is all about the type of molding you choose. There are many options to choose from when it comes to picture frame molding. If you are looking to cut the cost of the project down, then this is the area you need to focus the most amount of time in. If you can find the right frame shop that has a wide selection of frame material to choose from, then you can drastically reduce the overall price of your custom display frame.

Are The Costs Worth It?

You may be asking yourself  whether or not you even want to spend the money on having something custom framed. I would say you need to look at the item or items that you are going to have framed. If it is something that has a great amount of meaning to you or someone that will be receiving it, then it only makes perfect sense to have it done right by professionals. If you choose the custom route, I can promise you that you will be very happy that you did. When you have 2 identical items side by side, and one is put in a cheap frame and the other was custom framed… the custom frame layout will hands down make you the most proud to own. I don’t care if you are merely wanting to have a spoon to be framed. The custom framing has a way to make the most mundane items look absolutely amazing. So in short… Yes it is well worth the cost to have something done at a custom framing shop.

The Shadow Box Framemilitarymedicalshadowbox

If you really want to take things to the next level with custom framing, then you really need to see about having a custom shadow box made. Shadow boxes are typically thought of for the military to display award medals, ribbons, etc. There are some very cool shadow box designs out there to choose from. Buy the best shadow boxes here. By far some of the best military display cases that are being made online are at a place called Also check out the other custom shadow boxes on their Facebook page.


Seattle Custom Framing

I mistakenly bought a male seattle seahawks custom jersey for my girlfriend and put her name FRANCESCA on the back. I can’t return the jersey because it was custom made and I don’t see very high resale oppurtunities since it is a medium sized male jersey (far too big for most women, including my gf, to wear. . Except as pajamas) with a female name on the back. I must have shouldn’t be allowed to shop for christmas gifts after 2 am. Does anybody have any ideas about how to fix this problem? Is there a company that will recustomize custom jerseys? The jersey fits me – so if I can customize it for myself and get her a new one — its not a total loss. Otherwise I just burned a hundred and change in currency. I already thought about framing the jersey and giving it to her that way – but shes not a giant football fan and that would be lost on her. Somehow I managed to screw this up – and pay extra for shipping to make sure it got here before christmas-geez.-anyone out there able to save me. From what I can tell… If she isn’t a Football fan, then why did you decide to buy her this to begin with? Also, what good would recustomizing it be? I think you’re probably going to have to eat the cost on this one. I assume you are a Seahawks fan. framing it for your den might be a good idea. otherwise it doesn’t hurt to list it on Craigs List. It’s a free ad site and hey, you never know, there might be someone named Francesca who would like to buy it. Best Wishes.

Wood Picture Frames

I saw a lady on tv making wood picture frames, i’m trying to figure out how to make them. I think I found an answer. An easy way is to buy decorative baseboard or crown molding. The cut using either a miter box or a radial arm saw at 45 degrees. Put it together with glue (and biscuit joints if you have them). Voila. One nice look frame. If you want to go a more traditional route, you’ll need a router to cut a groove for the picture to sit in, and then cut the wood as needed (as suggested above) to make the frame. If you’re still a little lost, do some research on the net, or buy a book about woodcraft (and frame making).

I make these frames for my Etsy shop. Just thought I would show you all any of the things I like to make. Thanks so much for watching. CraftAtticcreations. E. . .

Online Custom Picture Frames

Anyone know where I can get picture frames over the internet for $20-40? I have a bunch of randomly sized photos and artwork, and all the standard frames at Michaels, Target, Ikea, Fast Frames, Aaron Bros, etc, don’t fit my prints. And to make a custom frame with them is a minimum $80. So, again, anybody know an online frame dealer for cheap? Thanks. I was so happy to find this — I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but I just thought I’d share what I do. I shop the thrift stores for old framed prints and photographs. I repaint the frames, buy new glass if necessary, and cut a new mat (you can have this done at Aaron Brothers if you don’t have a matt cutter, but Logan Matt Cutters will pay for themselves if you do this a lot). As the previous answer stated, you just find a frame larger than your print, then cut a mat to make your print fit that frame.

Canvas Framing

I have an unpainted 18 x 24″ stretched canvas and just noticed the wood frame (that it is stretched over) is warped. So if it is hung on the wall (unframed) one corner would stick up badly. Is there any way to fix this, or would framing it take care of the problem. Well, I have your answer. Check to see if the wedges are in the corners correctly. If they are then maybe the wood warped on you. You have two options buy another frame and transfer it to the new frame, by taking out the stapes and re-staple it to the new frame or try framing it the way it is and see what happens, it may take out the bow.

Online Craft Stores

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Custom Framing Costs

I ordered a print of a photo I took from deviantart. It is 9 x 12 in. I am going to frame it and give it to my parents for Christmas. I have a custom framing store in mind, but I don’t really know how it works, as I wasn’t paying attention when I was last there. What is the price range? Will the salespeople help me? What kinds of glass are there? How long will it take? Any information you could give me would be great, thanks so much. Essentially — the sales people will help you and will explain everything to you. the prices vary greatly by type of frame you pick, type of matting you pick (if any), whether or not you’re doing archival framing, the type of glass used, and whether or not the framers at the shop are certified custom framers and whether or not the shop participates in a custom framing guild or professional organization for custom framers. your price range could be as cheap as $20 and as expensive as several hundred dollars. standard sizes and ready made frames cost the least. 9×12 is a standard size. If you want a mat, then 11×16 and 16×20 are the next 2 standard sizes up from 9×12. there is regular glass, non glare glass, plexiglas, and non glare plexiglass. the non glare glass is usually treated for blocking UV as is the plexiglass. regular glass is the cheapest. non glare glass is for something that will have a light shining on it or be in a sunny location. plexiglass is lighter than glass but it scratches very easily. plexiglass is usually used in large pieces where the weight of the glass would tear the frame apart. plexiglass is never used over pastel chalk pieces because the static electricity from the plastic will pull the chalk off of the paper. depending on how busy the store is, how much stock they keep on hand and whether or not they build their frames there or send out for them, they could complete your piece in a few hours to several weeks. the closer you get to the holiday the busier the store should be and the longer you will have to wait for your piece to be complete. (if the store isn’t busy for the holiday season then they aren’t very good at what they do. )

Pierre at Opus Art Supplies on Granville Island gives us an overview of the Opus Custom DIY Framing Service. Instructions, mat. . .